Maiar Angels 

Rarity V1

Rarity V2

The rank is written in the NFT description.


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1. Maiar Angels V1 collection 

The projects consists of 354 NFTs.

The first presale will consist in 100 NFTs for a price of 0.15 EGLD. - DONE

The second presale will consist in 254 NFT at a price of 0.3 EGLD - April - May 2022 - DONE

DAO Angels - after sale, 60% from total earnings will be put to farm LKMEX for community. 

2. Maiar Angels V2 collection - MINT CLOSE

This new collection consists of  700 NFTs.

All owners of Maiar Angel V1 are considered OG, 50%discount or WL for the new collection.

( Check Discord Channel - mint information)

After sold out,

 - all those who mint Legendary NFT, will receive 1 Egld

 - all those who mint Epic NFT, will receive LKMEX worth 0.5 EGLD

 - all those who mint Rare NFT, will receive LKMEX worth 0.25 EGLD

DAO Angels - after sold out, 60% from total earnings will be put to farm XMex. 

- 20% from total earning after soldout will be used to open an online shop of phisical paintings of your NFT with the possibility to purchase in XMex

- 20% will go to the team for their effort.

DAO Angels royalties - 80% from total royalties earnings will be put to farm, toghether with the first 60% of the minting ravenue.

The total XMex farmed will be distributed to holders of V1 and V2 on a weekly basis as follows: 

- 60% of what is farmed will be distributed and 40% will be compounded so as to increase the reward for the next distribution.

And very importantly, after 15.11.2022, what was not sold from the Maiar Angels V1 collection, will be withdrawn from the market and burned, reducing the number of NFTs and increasing their value.


We present to you the following steps that our project will follow: 

- we will continue to decrease the supply of our V1 collection by burning them step-by-step;

- according to the Roadmap we have changed EGLD from the first mint and changed it to LKMEX. This LKMEX was put into farming so that each Friday we will distribute the rewards farmed to the holders;

- for the purpose of transparency, the project wallet is the following: erd1qy83w63um8l47tf0apkd72fagj2gukyz0vj5yyqaxl6d0ct6u92shmnayw ; 

- to avoid possible issued regarding the evolution to MEX 2.0 we also took into account your advice and created the $MANG token, with which in the future you will be able to buy Canvas, NFT or other things, it depends on what collaborations we will do. More to this on a later stage; 

- when MEX 2.0 will set in and LKMEX will no longer be transferable, we will distribute $MANG instead of LKMEX (1 $MANG= 1 LKMEX), so that when LKMEX unlocks and can be transferred you will have the possibility to exchange your $MANG with MEX. This will give the community the possibility to receive more rewards as LKMEX through farming and compounding; 

- we will get involved as much as possible so that FP will remain above the mint price; 

- all those who will mint Legendary  and will be holders, monthly, will receive ASH, BHAT, CRT, CRU, ITHEUM, QWT, RIDE, UTK and ZPAY in addition to the weekly rewards in $MANG. These rewards will be given after SOLD-OUT.

3. ADAngels collection - 11 June 2023 - Second Wave

            ADA Angels is a collection of 777 NFTs was created on the Cardano Network as an extension to the original collection - Maiar Angels V2 collection which originates from the MultiversX blockchain, that have been individually created in such a way that each NFT can be transposed onto canvas, becoming the most beautiful painting on the wall of your home.

Using the highest quality pigments, your paintings will come to life with vivid colors.

         By purchasing our ADA Angels NFT, you will become a member of a great community that will be able to use the DAO to decide the next steps of the project and the use of our ADA Angels investment fund in the future.

          Moreover, one Gold, one Blue, one RED, one Black, one Green, one Neon, one Purple and one White minter will be randomly selected and will receive a physical printed canvas, after sold out.

          All funds obtained during the minting will be staked and the rewards will be distributed to holders.

           The funds obtained from the royalties will be divided as follows:

  • 50% will go to holders.
  • 30 % will be compounded so as to increase the reward for the next distribution.
  • 20 % will go to the team. However, part of these funds will be used for marketing and to open an online shop of phisical canvas of your NFT.

            The funds obtained from the online shop of phisical canvas will be divided as follows

- 50% will be staked and the rewards will be distributed to holders.

- 50% will cover the costs production, transport and other expenses specific to maintaining the online store.

             This Roadmap can be updated as the project evolves.

Next steps: further collections are planned in the future. Stay close to us for more great news by following us on twitter and discord.

         As I said, we are still building... to reveal some future plans... we are going to make 6 more collections of 777 NFTs each... this is why the first collection is very important... ADAngel... because it will receive sales percentages from each future collection... We will return with an updated Roadmap.